What's the Healthiest Diet?

A few years ago I fasted every other day for a month to try out a human version of an experiment involving rats, to see if doing so would improve my vision. Read full details and results. [Read More]
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Colin or Collin?

Over the years a lot of people have had trouble spelling my name. When I was younger I assumed they hadn’t heard the name “Colin.” It was pretty unusual where I lived. Over the past twenty years the name has become more popular but the spelling trouble hasn’t improved. It turns out these days there’s another problem: an alternative spelling. Could “Collin” really be as common as “Colin”? I didn’t believe it. [Read More]

Missing Out

Have you ever come to the realization that, looking back, you were in the right place and time to have gotten on board with the next big thing but instead badly missed the boat? It’s a familiar feeling to many software developers, maybe especially those of us who started in the nineties or earlier. Lots of successful products were developed and sold by very small teams or a single person, so the belief that “I could have done that” isn’t too delusional, given you had decent skills and energy. [Read More]