Developing Software is Developing Knowledge

Why Agile Methodologies Work

Software development is the art of transforming vague requirements into precise statements executible by a machine, resulting in a working software system. Almost by definition you can’t begin a project with perfect requirements; if you did so they would be executible or translatable on their own with no need for further development. The reason “Agile” development methodologies have persisted is that they are designed around this basic truth. [Read More]

Optimization Part II: Targeted Optimizations Assisted by Flame Graphing

Early last year IPUMS moved production of IPUMS-International micro-data to the latest version of the core DCP and a new data editing API. In doing so we discovered a number of places where the new API – while performing better than the old one on our USA and CPS test datasets – performed worse than expected on some of the IPUMSI datasets. Not a big deal except for a few datasets that took twenty or thirty times longer to process than we would expect. [Read More]

Optimizing a Data-Intensive C++ Application, Part I

At IPUMS we continuously enhance our data products with newly available datasets, adding new variables and improvements to existing variables. We do this with the “Data Conversion Program”, a C++ application built to transform census and survey data into “harmonized” micro-data. When you visit and make data extracts, you’re downloading data developed with the DCP. [Read More]

Save the USPS

The U.S. Postal Service is required to fund itself by charging for services like a private business. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak mail volume has dropped by more than half, severely undercutting its budget. [Read More]